Bageri Å sourdough bread €4.90

Extra virgin olive oil,

balsamic vinegar

Rye crisp bread €4.50

Thin and crusty, salty rye bread

served with herb cream cheese

Olives €3.90

Cornichons €3.90

Small french-style pickles

Pickled cucumbers €3.90

Our self-made pickles!

Charcuterie board to share €25

A changing selection of cheeses and cold cuts, 

served with jam olives, nuts, bread and hummus. 

For 2-4 guests.

A plate of two cheeses €7.90

A changing selection of cheeses,

ask for options. Served with jam.

Vegan two-cheese plate €7.90

A selection of vegan cheeses,

ask for options. Served with jam.

Large cheese plate to share €18

A larger selection of cheeses.

Served with jam, nuts and bread.

Charcuterie €8/€12

A changing selection of air-dried hams,

ask for options.

Prices for one/to share.

Sardines, pâtés and térrines are served with 

Bageri Å sourdough bread. Changing selection!

Sardines La Quiberonnaise €13

In extra virgin olive oil

Sardines 2018 La Perle des Dieux  €14.50

In extra virgin olive oil

Sprats (Fangst) €11.50

In heather and chamomile oil

Marinated mussels (Fangst) €11.50

seasoned with dill and fennel

Smoked mussels (Fangst) €11.50

Duck rillettes Desir 13,00€ 

Rillettes de Canard x Piment Maison Malnou

Majeste pork pate 12,00€

Pate x Prince noir de Biscay

Parmesan crisps €3.80

Salted nuts €2.80


Ice cream 3,50€

Vegan ice cream with caramel sauce.


Ask for more vegan options and allergens!

Some pâtés and terrines contain milk and eggs.

Origin of the meat: EU